Monday, 13 March 2017


This project was inspired by my good friend and fellow blogger Ostinato Seaker.

The establishment bought some outdoor furniture to (finally!) make the front patio hospitable.

The boxes that protected the flat-pack sofa and cabinets were huge.

I proposed an opportunity for my young clients. The response was unanimous.

Given the time available and no real time for Front End Engineering and Design, I applied the KISS principle.

  1. I taped up four equal sides.

  • The doors and windows were a delight to cut out. Just had to make sure there were no clients on the other side during the construction process

  • The interior and exterior decorating process was completely client driven

  • The roof was a client requirement, a late variation that I could cater for without blowing the budget or schedule

  • The new space integrated seamlessly with existing client facilities